STOP FAILING with your email marketing!
Get the skills to run your very own PMOD Email “Machine”
without the hassle of storytelling, copywriting, or juggling…



Use Youtube videos? Get them off Youtube back to your email list.
Use Facebook or Twitter? Get them off there being distracted and back to your email list.
Use Mobile blah? Get the buy button in front of them using your email list!
Spent loads of money on paid traffic? Don’t waste them, get their details in to your email list.
Run an ecommerce store or are an Amazon reseller? Well guess the best way to get follow up sales and deliver coupons. Email!

But then what?

Nearly everyone I know is scared to hit SEND in case it flops, or they get unsubscribes, or worst of all, no reaction (sales)

  • What do you send?
  • How often do you send it?
  • What subject lines will get opens?
  • How do you avoid list burn out?
  • How do you avoid wasting time storytelling or being personal?
  • HOW DO YOU GET YOUR EMAILS “READ” & reacted to?

So how do we solve this dilemma between having a PM.OD machine and being too scared to hit send or not get results?

Well that’s what Email Exploder is all about.
Normally $67, for the next few days, you can get this micro course as a GIFT as part of the pre-launch for the NEW product Email Exploder Suite.

What our students say;

“I’m very impressed” Brigitta.

“This is the most innovative thing I’ve read in decades” Sabrina James.

“SO many AHA moments for me I was slapping my head“ Jordan S.


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