GERU micro review

GERU from John Reese (he of first to 1 million in 24 hours fame) is an SaaS platform of a “business model” systematiser.

See below for my 2 part VIDEO TOUR REVIEW of the GERU business simulator…


Firstly let’s be clear that GERU is NOT a funnel or page builder, or anything like that.

GERU is in fact a dynamic business planner. It will not only show you the FUNNELS graphically, it will add up all of the MATHS (when you change price points, or continuity). It also includes checklists for each of the MANY business models it includes.
But where it excels over say EXCEL or other cash forecasting options, GERU is dynamic and “shows” IM (and other) business models graphically, as well as dynamically adding stuff up.


Business is about clarity!

Many people struggle to see the 1000 foot view and get stuck with even the first WHAT IF and what that means financially.

But where it really scores ins in all of the business models it includes, tens and tens of them, plus CHECKLISTS for the common tasks involve din each.

John Reece was the first Million Dollar day earner and since then, he’s done a LOT of million dollar businesses. ANd all of his frustrations and experience in plannign thos eout, have gone in tot he 2 years of development behind GERU.

PLUS I am confident it will grow, expand and be updated, as more and more GERU users, like you, provide market feedback.

  • For raising venture capital, or selling off a business, I think it is a real JAW DROPPER.
  • For consultancy work, it will be priceless and impressive as a tool to involve clients and show them the vision.
  • For systematising a business, so you can remove yourself from “running it” I think it will be worth its weight in gold.

I’m including a crazy good bonus when you decide to go on and buy GERU through my link recommendation.
It’s so good I need to keep it private – so leave a comment below with your email, or Skype, or telephone number – IT WILL BE PRIVATE as all comments are manually approved, so I can fill you in on all the details

HINT: GERU is a planner – my bonus is the “DO’er”…

[ VIDEO TOUR OF John Reese’s GERU – part 1 ]

[ VIDEO TOUR OF John Reese’s GERU – part 2 ]


I decided to add in an extra bonus on to my EXCLUSIVE $1600 value bonus.

I’m including a GERU format model of the legendary VENUS FACTOR weight loss diet for women.



And I have to say, I think my information I was supplied was wrong.
It was suggested that at its peak, the VenusFactor was worth over $30,000,000 (that’s $30 million) dollars per year.
In my funnel mock up, using my new data sources, it’s coming out nearer to 79 MILLION per year.
The regional versions (Spanish, France, Italy, Portugal) are minuscule in comparison, but still nothing to sneeze at.

I couldn’t help smiling when I ran the GERU PROFIT FINDER module on this near 80 Million dollar business.
But blow me down it came up with the right observations in seconds.

The results also re-affirmed my core beliefs and 35 + years of experience in independent publishing.
While the WHAT is an essential part of the process, the HOW is what makes it change.
The “HOW” is what I’m including in my Exclusive $1600 value bonus.