A skinable video that “sells”? Simple Video Pro


Start making video that are “interactive” with “delayed” BUY BUTTONS (the guru style)

    • Can use videos hosted on YouTube (without other peoples related videos by default)
    • Can include delay BUY buttons
    • Can start at any video point
    • Can include “Splash Images” – These images can also “clickable link” to your affiliate url. So when someone  clicks on your call to action splash image, they will be taken to the affiliate offer with your links.
    • Watermark – You can override a Logo. This is also clickable. Clicking on the logo can take your visitors to your video “channel, authority presence, or offer.
    • Banner Ad – Even YouTube overlay banner ads on videos. So you can monetise more edutainment videos.
    • SOCIAL SHARING – Viral Pin-it, Tweet & Like Buttons. Yes you can include social buttons right inside the video player.
    • BUY BUTTONS – Add a PayPal Button! Should speak for itself.
    • DELAYED REVEAL – Time Delayed payment buttons have been proven to increase conversions by Ryan Deiss.  Delayed reveal lets people focus better and then take action at the appropriate point.
    • Embedable with affiliate codes -Other sites can embed YOUR video player, and the (affiliate) links still work.
    • FanBuzz Review: A Like Reveal system with images.
    • FaceBook Comment/Reveal – Lock content and reveal only when people make a comment. Comments are the most viral form of sharing.
    • Google +1 Reveal – Similar to Like Reveal, but this time for Google Plus.
    • REVIEWS –  pick a star rating, add a few paragraphs of content and BOOM! A custom video review page for an Amazon or Clickbank product!
    • Video Squeeze Page – Create perfectly aligned squeeze pages with custom video options and webform options

It’s hard not to compare Simple Video Pro to EVP (Easy Video Player) as a more standalone and easier solution, except it does not have the centralised video metrics that EVP does for $127.


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