Spying Heatmaps and Cheese Toasties?

Is it safe inside the minds of your traffic audience?

The last thing I thought I needed when I woke up this morning, and sunk in to a cheese toastie over a cup of tea, was “yet another” heat map tracking software – especially a WordPress plug-in one.

I already own an SaaS platform that does this for HTML or WordPress and it does it REALLY well !

But here’s the thing…

Heat-Map tracking is incredible fun.

And I have genuinely used it regularly to debug long-form sales pages and work out blocks in funnels on eCommerce sites.
There’s NOTHING else, next to ringing them up on the phone (and even then they lie with what they think they should say, or what they think you want to hear), so I mean NOTHING gives you the insights of a heat map tracking video recording. You even see how it looks on their device (size & layout)  and you can also hear their brains tick…

After between 3~20 you fast get the feel for what the problem is.

And sometimes that just HAS to be done! Especially if you want your sales page, or sales funnel, to do better 😉

But here’s the big secret.

Watching those video recordings (my platform does do twice speed) is basically real time, so 20 visitors spending 3 minutes each, is an HOUR of your time!

That’s worth it when the stakes are high – like optimisation of a new site/offer.

But for generic everyday stuff, you want something else…

JetPack is a bit of a joke, Google analytics is GOOGLE and CLUNKY and still hides half the good stuff.
I always install wp-slimstat these days, but it’s very much in the NOW TODAY vibe. It’s not great at showing “trends”.

SO what struck me about wp-slip-stream, is it’s general overview is really good.

With the PRO OTO upgrade, it will even show you BOUNCE RATE and SOCIAL factors too !

That alone is worth the price IMHO!

Combine all that with the heat-map video recordings and BHAM! That’s one highly useful measurement tool!

And just to add to the JAM, with the developer version you can add it to ALL of your sites and there is ZERO monthly feees and ZERO restrictions or limits on how much it will track.

Here’s a snippet of the overview dashboard so you can see for yourself;


You can learn more about WP-SPY-STREAM on their sales page;

[ See For Yourself ]



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