Review Azon Authority ecommerce cart

Yet another Amazon Shopping Cart for affiliates?

Azon Authority shopping cart Review:

YES it’s true, there are a LOT of Amazon shopping cart solutions out there, from plug-ins, to themes, to auto populating scripts and every one of them “claims” they are the one 😉

While Azon Authority “may” just be another one, launching on April 4th 2015, the latest in the pile, let’s step back and look at the facts;

As Amazon affiliates, what do we need from a shopping cart solution?

  • We need a CLEAN design that is not overwhelming or distracting
  • We need a store which is highly navigatable
  • We need a store that can feature products easily
  • We need a store that can find/feature HOT DEALS, coupons and bst sellers
  • We need a store that rewards us with “90 DAY cookies” so that the user doesn’t have to buy in that first 24 hour period and that other purchases get credited too.
  • We need a store where we can add our own EXTRA VALUE content, reviews, etc..
  • We need a store where we can get our own UGC like user reviews which are UNIQUE to our store (not just on Amazon).

Now take a look at Azon Authority “DEMO WEBSITE” when you click on the image below and at the same time SECURE YOUR BONUSES for Azon Authority, PLUS get my EXCLUSIVE bonus as explained below the image… [ Be an Early Bird  ]

My Exclusive Bonus for Azon Authority:

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But here’s what you;re also going to get from me…

The number 1 issue stopping you from making your Amazon store (regardless of it is is Azon Authority, or any other system) is this…

“Getting “interested” buyers” !

  1. Sadly it’s seldom worth running paid traffic/ads for Amazons meager 4% (sometimes) commissions
  2. Ridiculously people believe Google’s own propaganda and so organic traffic form SEO is all but a memory for most
  3. “Social” traffic is by nature slow, cumbersome and inefficient, “at best”. Your circles are not there to buy or listen to you. You have to be “exceptional” to get social traction and naturally, 99.99% of people are NOT “exceptional”, else everyone would be a rockstar for more than 15 minutes.
    Nobody really gives a cats rear what you had for breakfeast or which pair of shoes you like the most. Even if they did, “they ain’t buying it”
  4. Rich Content marketing like YouTube Video Marketing is all very well, but VIRAL videos do not grow on trees, and despite what people like PowToons tell you, animated clip art slide shows does NOT mean “engaging” content – it actually requires “genius” and naturally most people aren’t geniuses, otherwise everyone would be a rockstar and the world would be a much better place…

SO what traffic sources does that leave us with?

Well that’s what my EXCLUSIVE bonus will address!

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