Cash Business

Why hunt for revenue, when you can have a cash business?

The issue with most “money making” business ideas, is they involve YOUR cash to finance them and rely on other people wanting what you have. There are a LOT of variables in there!

Instead let me tell you about what I describe as a “CASH BUSINESS”, because it revolves around other people, who already have money, giving some of it to you, in exchange for a service that helps them (to make more money). It’s win-win as they invest X and get 3X back, and you get paid without having to worry about products, risk or marketing.

Now many people PANIC at the mention of “local business” because they think they will have to “talk to people”, or worse, have to “sell”. Many people dream about running an invisible business, like some recluse.
Well you can, but it will probably be a slow path and it is full of risk, as you have to use your own money to try it.

This particular service for local businesses, is actually mostly “automatable”.
* * * NO cold calling! ****
* * * No 1 to 1 selling ****

The service is so in demand (the business knows they need it) and is so simple, that it can be explained automatically in a video or letter. If the phone does ever ring, it will (usually) have cash on the end of it – they are pre-sold, they just want to pay!

This includes software to automate the service too, so the amount of manual “work” is minimal! But you can outsource that, if you want. The money is already coming in to cover the costs of any out sourcing (if you go that route) there is no setup, preparation or mass infrastructure to pre-build, or anything.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but the only way I can prove it to you is if you tell me where to send the report. There’s no obligation. No credit card is required yet. And you can unsubscribe automatically, at any time if this easy system is not for you, and I will leave you in peace.

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The technology to automate this service has only just become available, and I’ve had to compile 3 different sources, plus add my own proprietary solutions. This is an evergreen business, but as is often the case, early adopters will make the most money and keep making the most money.

Also remember this is continuity income, so it will just grow and grow with each new client in an aggregate manner.

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