Affiliate Spy

Imagine the power of knowing what top
affiliates are promoting and how?

Imagine knowing what the “proven” traffic sources are, what the best performing contextual ads are, and what the landing pages they use to convert those leads, looks like?

Yes you’ve probably seen similar information via monthly subscription services like Spyfu and Keywordspy, which run at around $90 per month, every month.

Yes it is based on contextual adverts (like Google Adwords), but Google are the standard in PPC campaigns and synonymous with testing when campaigns work.

Yes it is a hosted for you web control centre. So you have nothing to install or host or manage or update. And it will run for PC or Mac users.

And just look at the sort of info available in this control centre collage I made.


This is a very special, limited opening, where you will pay a ONE TIME fee! and that fee could be peanuts if you get in early enough. YES this offer is going to be hot, but make sure you don’t miss it and end up paying a monthly subscription.


Get on the early bird list to get the lowest possible dime sale price, when it launches on Thursday at 8pm EST.

Whatever the price when you get in, this is a ONE TIME price, instead of the normal $69 per month.

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