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Profit Center 2012

YouTube, Facebook & PAINLESS Product
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Leverage top web destinations
and CLAIM your piece of the corporate PIE

If not now, when?

Right now, TWO of the top ten destinations on the web are YouTube and Facebook. It’s even free for us to use right now.

But there are a few problems;

  1. “Cool” videos, that go “viral” aren’t all that easy to make…
  2. “Nice” fan pages aren’t all that easy to make…
    (plus Facebook messed up the Fan messaging back in 2010)but even then;
  3. TRAFFIC: How do you get “traffic” to them, if they don’t go viral on their own…
  4. CONVERSION: How and what do you “convert” that traffic to “buy” & “KEEP” buying…


Like most people, you probably believe that “Google” determines your fate, like a sadistic witch. And that the Big G will decide if your YouTube and Facebook Fan pages, get traffic or not. You may even think that your “sales” depends on Google.

Well it’s time to take control and join the “social cooperative” of Profit Centers…

Profit Centers – the social cooperative:

There’s safety in numbers. Plus we can make more noise. It’s simple!



Profit Centers consists of 3 main elements;

  1. Viral content and promotion engine:
    A viral content and promotion engine, which leverages a very special Video “Player” that can re-purpose YouTube content (legally).
    In v1.1 it will also help you to create original videos, easily.
    Success breeds success and the more publishers who use the video player, the more everyones profile is raised.
    We even spend cash to get traffic to the global video player directory.
  2. Core training:
    Time to stop worrying about duplicate content and scraping content.
    You’ll learn how to create your own products, easily and use elements for content at the same time. You’ll discover how to connect the dots between viral traffic and your own product sales.
    You’ll learn how to tap in to the mind of the buyers and form a long lasting relationship with them, where you can get repeat sales.
  3. Social Community:
    Profit Centers is also a social community, where the sum of the parts are bigger than in isolation.
    By providing a common shell and profit framework, such as our own marketplace with an affiliate system (where others can sell your products for a split) and the activity of all of the members, combined with a global advert spend, we create a social community, where we can all roam safely.

Early Birds get the worm:

This is a brand new strategy, so there are no results to share yet. But the strategy is based on an industry proven core, and nothing you will do will distract from the fact that it’s your content, to do with as you please, and you keep 100% of your own profits.

Profit Centers role in the strategy is simply to provide the technical infrastructure to make it possible, as well as the training in the core skills.

As a Social Cooperative, Profit Centers also provides a community shell, where all members benefit from our combined success. I even pay monthly, to get traffic to the portal, for the benefit of all.


You get to make an unlimited number of viral pages, which are then available in multiple outlet formats – including Facebook, WordPress, normal HTML websites, and in version 1.2, mobile.


Profit Centers 2012 is launching soon.

Get on the early bird list below for the earliest invitation… It’s the only way you will find out.