carve out a living as an Amazon affiliate

Amazon sold over 19.7 “BILLION” (yes that’s billion) of products in 2011
and 40% of those sales, come from their Affiliates

Fancy becoming an Amazon Affiliate?

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Just picking an Amazon best seller and slapping up a blog page on it, is all very nice. Unfortunately your chances of making money doing that, are almost zero. Ditto for a standard “review” or “price comparison” site.

You see the problem is this;

Amazon themselves are very aggressive about getting the sale. Look how many PPC Adsense adverts they run. Amazon are also highly favored by Google in organic search. Look how many times they returned near the top, in the first page search results, for most buyer keywords (i.e. brand/model).

And if you try to go in from the other end, and target “informational” keywords, your chances of “converting” that incidental traffic to buyers, suddenly drops to a 1000~10,000 : 1 odds, or worse.

If you are here, you probably know that already because you have tried it. What are the average  sales from all of your Amazon enabled sites? Pretty LOW right! And there’s a reason for that.

You don’t know the 9 winning criteria yet!


So it’s finally time to join the AA Commandos.

AA Commandos:

AA Commandos (Amazon Affiliate Commandos) is a training course designed to enable you to profit from being an Amazon Affiliate. As per FTC guidelines, we can’t give you any specific earnings figures, as we’ve never met, and I have no idea what you can do, or how committed you are to this skill. All we can do is do our best  to make sure you have all of the pieces you need.

Now I’d love to be able to give you a pre-made template and tell you it would take 5 minutes for the cash to stat rolling in. Unfortunately life just doesn’t roll like that.

So AA Commandos is a (transferable) skill base, built up over 22 weeks, to give you the best possible chances. You can have a site up and running within 21 days, but that won’t be where it ends. Because I’m going to guide you on how to TRANSFORM that site, in to something with way more potential to profit.

The AA Commandos Syllabus:

  1. What Amazon and Google want vs What Amazon buyers want
  2. What you need vs what you want
  3. Niche Selection & pre-testing
  4. The Buyer Avatar
  5. Site Infrastructure – thick thin and really
  6. Buying Triggers
  7. The Content
  8. Framing offers
  9. Winning the SEO ranking
  10. Promotion and Traffic (free)
  11. Promotion and Traffic (paid)
  12. OOTB promotion strategies that work
  13. Maximising your EPC
  14. Design strategies
  15. Writing content
  16. Spreading your reach
  17. Outsourcing successes
  18. The difference between live and die
  19. Smart Money, tactics
  20. Staying current and PLC (Product Life Cycle)
  21. Exit Strategies
  22. The Secret Sauce
Join AA Commandos today, and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding as an Amazon Affiliate.
See you on the inside.

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Warranty and Terms:

The course is billed weekly, and you can unsubscribe at any time, if you feel you aren’t getting the progress you deserve. But there is a limit of a 7 day refund on any payment as the course is “pre-consumed” and you can’t unlearn or forget the valuable information we have given you.
So before you sign-up, just make sure you are committed to making this work for you.
If you are a serial refunder, or just passing some time, this isn’t going to work out for either of us, so just pass on by and leave room for the people who are serious about generating an income for themselves.