Content Personaliser (WordPress plugin)

“Higher conversion Lead Generation through personalization…”

The perfect tool to nurture local business lead proposals and JV relationships by making them feel special…

Can you Imagine the impact on sales of
sending thousands of leads EACH to
their own “personally branded”
UNIQUE landing page?

“Because business IS personal!”


Imagine being able to send thousands of people to your offer or message, but have each one personalised with their details, all from only creating a single page!

Imagine the delighted reactions and increased conversions from deeper relationships, produced from providing a personally branded message to your local client proposals, or a JV affiliate partner, or distributor/reseller requests.

What could have more impact than sending a lead to a page specially created for them, featuring their name, as well as their company name, business profession, area, horoscope star sign.

But instead of having to create thousands of individual html pages, or blog posts, by hand, just install the super easy BuickAI Content Personaliser on your WordPress blog and be up and running with personally branded pages, in minutes.

The possibilities are almost endless; Include personal scores, sales rankings, or unique special offer coupon codes.

Whatever you do, it can be personalised for each person on your list.

You can use Content Personaliser manually, just by typing their name in a link, or you can integrate it with any email autoresponder that uses tokens, or you can use our (optional) LCM Client Manager which will manage your leads and send the personalised emails with unique landing pages per person, for you!

Content Personaliser DVD case
The perfect way to foster local business prospects and JV partners with Content Personaliser


  • Imagine the extra impact of personalising an offer for each visitor with their unique details, like name or company or profession, or star sign
  • Revel in the glory of offering a unique presentation experience, custom built for thousands of viewers, but only having to create a single page
  • Enjoy a deeper relationship with your client proposals or affiliate JV details, by personally branding their visit
  • Gain kudos by giving the appearance of a custom video introduction, all managed from your email autoresponder (or our optional BuickAI LCM client manager)
  • Super easy to add this WordPress blog plugin and make any post or page an enthralling unique visitor experience

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