EEC Cookie Compliance

EEC Cookie Compliance

A one step solution for WordPress blog owners to meet the new EEC Cookie Privacy regulations enforced on the 26th of May 2012 and with a potential fine of £500,000.

Regardless of how misguided this policy may be, for those of us trading in the EEC, we have little choice but to attempt to meet the bureaucracy.

Whilst PRIVACY is a highly worthy concern, trying to make small site owners “ASK” if their traffic will allow statistics tracking (i.e. from Google Analytics) is “questionable”. And it can affect other services too.

For most people it would just be “impractical” to implement, as it’s too hard to turn stuff “off”, just in case somebody says “no”. So basically governance is forcing us to either stop using statistics and profiling which are essential to a small business efficient marketing, or we follow plan B.


Plan B may be crude but it is highly effective and even advantageous.


With one single WordPress plug-in install, we give the highly visible warning that we use cookies. If they accept or ignore this warning, then everything is normal. We’ve lost little real estate and it will soon become a blind spot.

If they say “NO”, then they are unlikely to trust us enough to buy anyway, so we eject them! BUT we eject them to a special page (plain editable HTML) which has no cookies. BUT this page can have offers, a marketing offer, or any other destinations or content (i.e. downloads) which are suitable for this un-trusting traffic.

In my case, the page goes to my own ad server, with rotated offers. The only difference to usual, is I can’t include cookies in the ads. That needn’t mean the clicks aren’t tracked of course, it depends on your ad-server, and your web server logs, which is partly why the cookie policy is so ill-informed. No one has mentioned turning IP tracking off on the defacto AWSTATS bundled with CPanel.

      • But to make this interruption beneficial, the cookie warning also adds an SEO backlink to sculpt the site back to the current page. This is early on in the page code, so has a very high SEO relevance. It’s a massive vote for each page and whatever (changing) content you have on there. It will apply to category summary pages, as well as archives and media posts.
      • Secondly a privacy policy can be inserted on the TOU (Terms Of Use) link. I am NOT a lawyer or a legal professional, but I have included the terms I use. You MUST have these vetted by your legal professional as your territory may be completely different as well. This includes the required DART policy and Google privacy link, that is required to run Adsense.
      • Thirdly the NO link is actual a link to a great sales opportunity and whatever you put on this page, can receive either link juice (or not if you make it no follow) or curious traffic – and who won’t click “no” just to see what happens? I’ve only just installed this myself, across several sites, so I have no real-world stats on this yet.
The linked pages are just plain HTML pages, editable/creatable in any HTML package, include the free WYSIWYG Komposer program. 
Other than that it is fairly unobtrusive and seems to work well with 99.9% or WordPress themes.


Cookie Compliance is available in several versions to match your needs.
Client/flipping $77
– use on your clients sites and on sites you flip.
Multiple own site $27.00
– unlimited sites that you own.
Single site. $9.97
Just getting started, or concentrating on an authority site or store? Then this is the solution for you.
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