Profit WITH Google and G4S

Profit WITH Google and G4S

G4S is a WordPress plug-in that let’s you easily integrate Custom Search for Google on to all you rblog posts, automatically.

It also features a “catchy” rotating search image, to reduce ad blindness.

The way it works is pretty cool.

Google “wants” you to use it’s search engine, even on your own site. They provide you with a way to add a  CUSTOM search widget on yur own site. What i ssuper cool, is you cna specifiy WHICH sites it searches – they cna just be your own site, or you rown sites, or authoirty sites you recomend, and so on,

So for once, you control the search.

As you’d expect, the search “results” are monetised with Google Adsense, for which you wil get paid as normal.

The really cool thing though is that yo udon;t need to CLUTTER up your main blog pages with other peoples “ads”. And only when people have not found what they want on that page, and they are ready to leave, does the custom search come in to play.

And remember, the sites it searches, can be yours alone, or ones you prefer. It’s under your control.

For more details see the main G4S site here [ Profit WITH Google and G4S ]

The video tour there, will explain everything to you and how to work WITH Google.