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You SLAVE to make
content & then
people just go
on you


Maximise your wordpress posts with your featured
content and your REAL message…

I was looking at someones’ site yesterday, a local business, and they’d gone to a LOT of trouble to build up a nice clean design blog site, with lots of content. I read 1 article. I scrolled down to keep reading it. I scrolled down more. I thought, “nice article, now what?”

I looked up at the header, no contact info. I looked in the sidebar. No contact info. It was a local blog, so I wasn’t expecting adverts, and there were none. Not even for themselves. I looked in the article again. No related links, or in text contextual links. In short, no call for action.

Hmm! So basically it was a “nice” blog, with absolutely zero purpose! Sure their contact details were on the ABOUT US page, but why should we force our visitors to go there? If they can even work that out!

In actual fact, almost nothing about this blog was specific to this local business itself, at all. You might be screaming “add a map” and that’s certainly an idea. But that would only tell me where they were, not what they did, or why I would go there.

Then I realised they had hundreds of posts, all just like this one. Pointless, quality content, with no call for action. And also because they had so much content, any real money pages were being buried, more and more each time, as well.

That’s when I decided to drink tea!

Yeah that has nothing to do with the product, but what happened after tea was more interesting. I made WP-Footer-Exposure. And yes don’t worry. It took a lot more cups of tea, and until 3am, to get WP-Footer-Exposure finished. And then another 17 hours, the day after.

It’s an ultra simple plugin that just adds a FIXED message to every post (and page in this current version). As well as your fixed REAL message, you can also add your money pages, or features pages. I could have automated those, but as this is about your REAL message, it’s much better that you manually pick the pages that matter to you the most, and not by rotation.

By that, I mean this choice should be made on “conversion”, or future branding, and not on most viewed, or by something lame, like date. The most popular type kicker article does not need more fame. In fact, this footer-exposure is designed to get people off there, and in to your sales funnel.

“REAL” message, LIKE WHAT?

    • For a local business, the “real” message could be the local area contact information, deal of the month, a coupon code, a local event, or even acknowledgement of a local customers achievements with their company.
    • For any info publisher, it could be the current prodduct focus. Don’t just think sales advert, think reviews, case studies, extra tricks and applications for the product, etc.. AKA things that show the benefit of owning the product. If they can see the benefit, they can decide to buy under their own free will.
    • For a CPA style blog, it’s a great way to turn incidental (news/gossip) traffic in to potential buyers who cna see your offer of the day.
    • For affiliates, avoid losing the sale and provide confirmation, using social proof and your review quality. Remove their final objections and show them how to benefit from their purchase, by showing them you have a resource area.
    • For SELF PROMOTERS and SELF PUBLISHERS, remind them to buy the FULL MONTY (i..e the book, course, CD, or event) at the end of every teaser content and authority builder.


The “real” message in WP-Footer-Exposure is not like an advert. It is not in an advert position (it is intra page) and it does not need to look like an advert. So it’s entirely up to you, how you use it.

You can make it a busines card, a resource panel, a further/recomended reading list, a reminder of your brand or authority, it can even be your social stream, or a mashed up RSS feed (it’s just an HTML page, but embeded not an iframe) so you can put any valid HTML in there that you want – even a video. Even an audio. Even a game or interactive quiz.

Even a ???

The only limit is your imagination and if you can pull the HTML for it, from somewhere.

WILL I ONLY MAKE 1 Million $ with this, or can I make 2?

Get a life! This is a tool. Not a push button money making pyramid scheme.

But if you get even 1 local client. Even as an introduction service.
But if you get even 1 affiliate sale.
But if you even get 1 new (repeat custom) client from it.

How much is that worth to you?



Signature Editor “program”:

The message used by WP-Footer-Exposure is literally HTML. You can use any HTML editor, including WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver (also Mac) or the FREE Komposer (also Mac). Or if you know syntax, you can even use notepad of course.

But I appreciate most people just want to “hit go” and land running, so for a limited time, i am including a (PC Only) software tool to specifically make the WP-Footer-Exposure messages.

It is NOT a full blown html editor (you have one of those in WordPress post editor itself of course) but designed specifically for WP-FOOTER-EXPOSURE, including some backgrounds (more optionally available). I’m calling it the “Signature Editor”.

Also for a limited time, you have the RESALE rights on the Signature Editor (NOT on the plug-in) and you can insert your very own banner advert code.

Just RENAME the EXE file and do what you want with it and keep 100% of the profits. Give it away to your list if you want. Sell it on Fiverr. Whatever. Just RENAME it, so it is yours and leaves evry one else to make more money with theirs! Don’t be a douche. Simplez.



Single Site

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Multi Own Sites

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Free updates for the life of the plug-in.
There is no specific upsell on this, but I may think of something to help you even more with it, one day.
7 day refund period, because it works and does what I say. If you are in doubt you want it, just don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing you.
Even if you only get one sale/lead from using Wp-Footer-Exposure, it could pay for itself many times over.

WP-footer-exposure Affiliates:

Installer? Become an Affiliate [ DigiResults MarketPlace ]


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