Video Motion Pro – Preview & Bonus

Launching at 11am EST on Tuesday 21st April and price RISING every 2 days until launch price is over.

Video Motion Pro Preview:

Video editing made this easy – cloud based, WYSIWYG, video editing & compositing with TEMPLATES and “editable” video clips (like the useful bits from Adobe AfterFX)

All in one place and WYSIWYG video;

GREEN SCREEN video (replace the background)
WebCam video Inserts
Pre-made Editable Video Templates
HD video rendering
Direct Upload to YouTube

Check it out for yourself [ ]

MY EXCLUSIVE VMP BONUS: Never released before…

Lots of people talk glibly about a VSL (Video Sales Letter) formula and there have been several “attempts” at “wizards”. But there’s always been issues with these…

Cookie cutter does not work. Often they are over complex and gloss over key elements and strategies, leaving you overloaded, confused and paralysed without a video script. ANd then you probably resort back to something you can actually remember and do, even if it is below average! Time wasted and no progress made! Sales do not increase! Oh Dear 🙁

SO my exclusive bonus for Video Motion Pro is my very own, high converting, video sales script > which is based on psychology and results.

It also includes a 40 minute “WHY” video to get you started and from then on, it’s “fill in the blanks” for your VSL offer.

The difference is it “works” and you will “actually” USE it!

I’m just uploading it and preparing it all now, so please check back in your jvzoo downloads area after Wednesday 22nd April 2015.
Any issues, just contact my [ 24/7 support desk  ]